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New Library Building Project Update
New Library Building Project Update

Madbury Public Library New Building and Capital Campaign Update, June 17, 2019

Construction on our new library is moving forward at a quick pace.  The foundation is in and this week we will see the walls going up.  Chapman Construction and Manypenny Murphy Architects are overseeing the project.   Madbury’s Building Inspector, Justin Corrow, and Selectman, Bruce Hodsdon have been keeping a close eye on the progress.
Thanks to all who have donated and contributed to the Friends of Madbury Library Capital Campaign by sponsoring bake sales, raffles and other fun activities.  We are now within $27,000 of reaching the $350,000 goal and need your help.  Let’s finish strong and move the thermometer over the top so we can raise the roof on our beautiful new library!
For complete donor information visit: www.madburypubliclibrary.org and click on New Building Update. 
To make a secure online donation click on the Friends of Madbury Library link. 
Questions?  Contact: mplsteeringcommitte@gmail.com

Our New Library is Finally Under Construction!

Join Us for the Ground-Breaking Celebration, Thursday, April 18th, 3:30 p.m.
Thank you to all who attended Town Meeting and voted overwhelmingly in support of the Library Warrant Articles. We are happy to report that construction has begun with tree clearing starting this week.  Regular updates and photos will be posted on the library website, e-newsletter and at www.facebook.com/friendsofthemadburylibrary.
We are in the final phase of the Capital Campaign and although Friends of Madbury Library have already raised $310,000 we still need your help to reach our goal of $350,000.  
Donations have come from over 130 supporters including former residents, relatives and friends of friends.  Our youngest donor, a 5-year-old little girl, emptied her piggy bank and brought us $9.14 in a sandwich bag.  A 4th grader organized a refreshment stand for a book sale and raised $90.  A Carriage Hill resident donated because she enjoys the monthly book group our librarian facilitates for residents.  Recently, a young dad from Dover donated $1,000 because his young son enjoys our Story Times. You can be part of this exciting project for our town and add your name to our list of supporters.  Please consider a tax-deductible gift to the FOML Capital Campaign. For complete donor information visit: www.madburylibrary.org and click on brochure, or, contact us at mplsteeringcomittee@gmail.com.
 February 27, 2019
Thanks to our many supporters, the Library Capital Campaign Committee raised over $100,000 in 2018 bringing us to within $48,000 of our $350,000 target. While private fund raising continues, members of the Library Building Committee: Bruce Hodsdon, Justin Corrow, Dan Clapp, Peg Wolcott, Susan Cilia, Susan Sinnott and Noreen Gaetjens have been working with architects from Manypenny Murphy Architecture and the team from Chapman Construction/Design to finalize construction plans for our new library.Through thoughtful design changes, value engineering and competitive bidding from NH based contractors, we hoped to stay within the $1.3 budget.  Unfortunately, due to significant cost increases in construction materials and labor, the cost estimate was higher than expected.
Recognizing that a new library building has been a priority of residents for many years and that further delays would result in even higher costs, the Board of Selectmen are recommending two library funding warrant articles to voters at town meeting, March 12th.
Article #5:  To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of One Hundred Thousand ($100,000) to add to the existing Library Building Capital Reserve Fund established at the 2002 Town Meeting for the purpose of a library building fund.  Recommended by Board of Selectmen.  (Majority vote required)
Article #6:  To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Two Hundred Thousand ($200,000) for the purpose of costs associated with the new Library Building. This sum to come from Unassigned Fund Balance.  No amount to be raised from taxation.  This special warrant article will be a non-lapsing appropriation per RSA 32:7, VI and will not lapse until the construction of the new Library Building is completed or by December 31, 2021, whichever is sooner. Recommended by the Board of Selectmen. (Majority vote required) 
When both articles are approved, the Construction Contract will be signed with a Guaranteed Maximum Price. Site clearing will begin in April and our new library will be completed by December 2019.
Please plan to attend town meeting, Tuesday, March 12th, 7:00 p.m. and vote “yes” on the Library warrant articles.  Our long anticipated and planned for new vibrant library will add value to our community and be a central gathering place for all residents to enjoy.
For more information:   Contact: mplsteeringcommittee@gmail.com
Noreen Gaetjens, Chair, Madbury Library Trustees  
Peg Wolcott, President, Friends of Madbury Library                        

August 22, 2018
There is good news to report as the planning and fund raising for our new library continues. Thanks to the many supporters at March’s Town Meeting, the town portion of the public-private partnership was secured.  The Friends of Madbury Library Capital Campaign Committee recently announced that both the Samuel P. Hunt and McIninch Foundation challenge grants for $25,000 each have been met. We are also pleased to report that Federal Savings Bank has donated $10,000 to the project. Currently, $258,000 has already been raised privately toward our goal of $350.000.
We were excited to install the “Future Home Of” sign in time for Madbury Day.  A Capital Campaign thermometer was recently placed in front of the current library, so everyone can follow the progress.
In June, Building Steering Committee members selected Chapman Construction/Design to serve as Construction Managers and we are working with the Chapman team and architects from Manypenny Murphy Architecture to revise the building plans to keep within the $1.3M cost projection. While there will be changes in the design, our new library will be a welcoming place for all residents. It will reflect the natural beauty and rural nature of Madbury and will be energy efficient.  With your help, we will begin site work this fall and actual construction next March.
The Capital Campaign is ongoing, please help by making a contribution and spreading the word to your friends and neighbors about the new library coming to our town soon!
 For donor information visit www.madburylibrary.org and click on brochure.
To volunteer on the Capital Campaign contact: mplsteeringcommittee@gmail.com or join us at Friends of Madbury Library Meetings the second Thursday of the month, 7:00 p.m. at the library.

April 5, 2018
Thank you to everyone who attended town meeting and supported the New Library Building Project!  Your vote has secured funding for the public or town portion of the cost of the new library.
We are excited to be moving forward with this project and our Building Steering Committee is working with the architects to revise the building plans to keep within the $1. 3M cost projection.  While there will need to be some changes in design, our goal is to build a library that will be a welcoming place for all residents to gather.  It will reflect the natural beauty and rural nature of our town and will be energy efficient and cost effective.
The Capital Campaign continues, and we need your help to make this long awaited new library a reality!  Early supporters have already contributed over $200,000 toward our goal of $350,000.  For complete donor information visit: www.madburylibrary.org, click on brochure.
We welcome your energy, enthusiasm and ideas and we need your help to plan events and spread the word to your friends and neighbors about the new library building coming to our town soon!  To volunteer contact us: mplsteeringcommittee@gmail.com or attend the next Friends of Madbury Library Meeting, Thursday, April 12th at 7:00 p.m. at the library.

Click here to see our latest brochure!

August 2017
The Friends of Madbury Library and members of the Capital Campaign Committee are delighted to announce that two major challenge pledge grants have been received for the New Library Building Campaign. 
The McIninch Foundation and the Samuel P. Hunt Foundation have each awarded $25,000 to be used specifically for the Capital Campaign to build a new permanent home for the library.  These grants are contingent upon the Committee raising new matching funds and upon commencement of construction.
Peg Wolcott, President of the Friends, explained these generous grants will be an immense help as we move forward with the Capital Campaign.   According to Ms. Wolcott, the current facility was never intended to be the permanent home for the library and is no longer able to serve the needs of the community.
For 15 years, Madbury citizens and Selectmen have supported a Capital Reserve Fund for the eventual construction of a new library.  Land adjacent to the Town Hall has been designated as the site for the new building and preliminary architectural plans have been completed which are on display at the Library and at Town Hall. 
Funding will be a public/private partnership.  The proposed public contribution is $750,000 and there will not be a bond for the project.  Members of the Capital Campaign Committee are reaching out to neighbors and friends and early supporters have already contributed $150,000 in donations and pledges. 
We are grateful to the McIninch and Samuel P.Hunt Foundations for their support and recognition that Madbury residents appreciate the need for a new facility.  Matching these pledges will bring us closer to breaking ground in 2018 for a library that will be a cultural gathering center unique to our town, a place where everyone can come together to learn, socialize and create.  We urge all residents to join the Campaign, your ideas, energy and enthusiasm are needed to make our long overdue new library a reality.
For more information please contact: mplsteeringcommittee@gmail.com.

January 2017

Enriching our Community through Partnership and Promise

In 2001 dedicated volunteers, responding to the desire for a community educational facility and central meeting place, spearheaded efforts to establish the first public library in our town.  At town meeting, residents voted overwhelmingly to support the new library and a closet in Town Hall became its first home. In 2003, volunteers led the effort to move the little library to its current home, the former police station.
Over the past 15 years, the library has flourished.  Its collection has grown to over 14,000 books, DVD’s and audio books.  Last year, residents made over 6,000 visits, securing the library as a centerpiece for Madbury conversation and community.
The current facility was not intended to be a permanent home for the Library.  A Capital Reserve Library Building Fund (established in 2002) has been supported annually by citizens and selectmen.  Land adjacent to the Town Hall has been designated as the site for the new building.
The current building is too small to meet our needs, it does not comply with current building codes and is not ADA compliant.  There is no adequate staff or patron workspace and the majority of the collection is housed in the cellar which is not open to public browsing.  Meeting space for programs is very limited and the restroom is not easily accessed.
Library consultants and architects have researched this possibility and concluded the existing structure (never intended to be a public building) was not amenable to expansion. Even if we could expand the current structure, necessary upgrades (energy efficiency, ADA compliance, etc.) would be cost prohibitive and parking would continue to be a problem.
All three libraries collaborate where we share common interests, and will continue to do so.  Durham and Lee Libraries priorities are serving their citizens and Madbury residents would not have any voice in policy or budgetary decisions.
The Friends of Madbury Library (FOML), a designated 501©3 entity, have spearheaded planning efforts.  Through meetings with town residents, visits to libraries and consultation with experts, plans have been carefully laid to ensure a successful project.

A Building Steering Committee (comprised of Library Trustees, FOML, Library Director, Madbury Selectmen, and residents with professional expertise) have been working with architects from Portsmouth’s Manypenny Murphy Architecture to design the new library.  This firm was chosen for its strong reputation for thoughtfully designing and shaping buildings in relation to their social and ecological context.  Preliminary plans are on display at the Library.
Our new 4,500 square foot library will feature:
                  A café style community room; quiet areas for reading and study; a variety of seating areas indoor and outdoor) for reading, working and socializing; a larger Children’s Room with adjacent outdoor space; adequate parking and accessibility so all patrons can enjoy the library; a well sealed and insulated building envelope, high efficiency heating and cooling systems, and LED lighting; the use of natural, renewable materials where possible
The Design Development Phase of the project is complete and the preliminary cost estimate is $1.3M.  The Building Steering Committee continues to work with the architects to refine the plan and reduce the overall cost.  Funding for the new building will be a public-private partnership.  Selectmen have proposed the town’s contribution to be $750,000.  This includes funds already in the Capital Reserve and additional funding subject to voter approval. There will not be a bond for the project.  Friends of Madbury Library,  Library Trustees and early supporters of the Capital Campaign have already raised $120,000 through donations, pledges and monies earned through book sales, raffles and events.
The Capital Campaign is underway and will continue through 2017.  The anticipated completion of the new library in 2018 will be a highlight of Madbury’s 250th anniversary celebration.
By contributing to our new Library, you will provide a place for all ages to learn, socialize and create.  Our new library will preserve the charm of rural Madbury and provide residents a natural nook in which to meet, greet and bond in a way that will cause our community to flourish.  You can help transform a vision into reality and provide a cornerstone to our beautiful community, one cherished by all.
Tax deductible donations specifically designated to:  FRIENDS OF MADBURY LIBRARY CAPITAL CAMPAIGN should be mailed to:  FOML, 9 Town Hall Road, Madbury, NH 03823.  Donations may be made in the form of cash, check, credit card, appreciated securities, paid life insurance policies, or qualified retirement assets.  Contact us for information on Pledges and Naming Opportunities.
All donors will be recorded and recognized in a Book of Benefactors, unless the donor prefers to remain anonymous.  Donors who make a gift of $2,500 or more will be proudly listed on a prominent display in the library.
Check with your employer to see if they will match employee contributions;  donate appreciated stock; offer to volunteer and participate in fund raising events;  tell your friends and neighbors about the Campaign.
Contact Us:  mplsteeringcommittee@gmail.com;  743-1400

A Brief History of Our Library
In 2001, as a result of a dedicated volunteer effort, residents of Madbury voted at town meeting to establish a public library.  Originally located in a closet at the Town Hall, the library was moved in 2003 to its present location, a town-owned ranch house formerly the home of the police department.

A Capital Reserve Fund was established at the March 12, 2002 Town Meeting for the purpose of a Library Building Fund.  Residents have voted annually at town meeting to support the eventual construction of a new library facility. The Selectmen have designated a parcel of land adjacent to the Town Hall as the site for the new library.

In 2008, The Friends of Madbury Library, a designated 501(c)3 entity, received a grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Fund to hire a professional library consultant.  Meetings were held with town residents and a survey revealed considerable support for the eventual construction of a new library.  The complete “Building Program for Madbury Public Library” is available for review at the library.

In just over a decade, the library has become an important and integral part of our town. In 2014, there were over 5,500 visits to the library and our collection numbers over 14,000 books, audio books, and DVD’s. Our experienced and professional staff and volunteers have created a first class library with a wide variety of programs and activities for patrons of all ages to enjoy. The current library building has reached its limit in what can be offered within the constraints of the physical plant. 

Where We Are Now
It is intended that the new library building project will be a public-private partnership.  Trustees and Friends of the Madbury Library formed a Development Committee in February of 2014 and began to take steps to increase fund raising efforts for the Library’s current and long-term needs.  Reaching out to all residents, the annual giving drive has already resulted in a 675% increase in annual gifts.

In February of 2015, a Capital Campaign Steering Committee was formed consisting of Library Trustees, Friends, Staff, Selectmen and community members. It was determined that in order to begin to reach out to potential donors, a building design and accurate cost estimate would be needed.

To this end, the Committee developed a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) which was widely distributed to architectural and contracting firms.  There were many responses and four firms were chosen to receive a Request for Proposal (RFP). These firms will develop conceptual designs and estimated cost projections and will present their plans to the Committee.

By late September, one firm will be selected to develop a complete building program. The Selectmen have approved release of Capital Reserve Funds for this phase of the project. 

Residents will be invited to participate in public forums with the architects to engage in the design process as we move forward with our goal to create a beautiful, sustainable new library for all the residents of Madbury, a place where “our community comes together.”

Copies of the RFP and Campaign Steering Committee minutes are available upon request at the Library

 Members of the Campaign Steering Committee
Noreen Gaetjens, Chair, MPL Trustees;   Peg Wolcott, President, FOML,  Susan Sinnott, MLIS, Director, MPL, Robert Sterndale, Selectmen, Town of Madbury, Gene Anderson, Community Representative, Dan Clapp, Community Representative, Jennifer Goldberg, Community Representative and Fund Raising Consultant; Janet Wall, Representative, New Hampshire General Court.   August  25, 2015.
Madbury Public Library New Building Project Update
October 6, 2015

The Madbury Public Library Steering Committee has chosen Manypenny Murphy Architects of Portsmouth to be the principal design architects for our new library.  

The MPL Steering Committee began meeting in February of 2015 to begin the process of selecting a firm to produce a conceptual design and cost estimate projections for the new library building.  Four firms were selected to submit a proposal which the Committee received on August 27th.  Interviews were held with each firm on September 15th and 16th.  The Committee met on September 23rd and after careful discussion and deliberation, Manypeny Murphy Architects were selected.
Overall, the Committee felt that Manypeny Murphy had an impressive response to our request for proposal and had devoted considerable time and effort to learn about our town and community.   They are a local firm, enthusiastic, innovative and sensitive to economic and budget concerns.  In addition, they recently received the NH AIA award for their design of the Wadleigh Library in Milford and have worked on many projects at UNH, Portsmouth and Hampton.  We received excellent references from Doug Bencks, UNH Architect and Director of Campus Planning and Lawrence Yerdon, President of Strawberry Banke.

The Committee met with the Board of Selectmen on September 28th and the Board voted to approve the selection of Manypenny Murphy Architects and to expend  $26,680 from the Library Building Capital Reserve Fund for the schematic design development process.

As we move forward with the next phase, residents will be invited to participate in public forums to engage in the design process.   Working together with Manypenny Murphy Architects we hope to create a 21st century library unique to our town.  It will reflect our appreciation of the natural environment and be a place everyone can enjoy; a place where “our community comes together.”

Members of the Campaign Steering Committee:  Noreen Gaetjens, Chairperson MPL Trustees; Peg Wolcott, President, FOML, Susan Sinnott, Director, MPL Library;  Robert Sterndale, Selectman, Town of Madbury; Gene Anderson, EA, Tax and Financial Consultant and Madbury resident;  Dan Clapp, Energy Consultant and Madbury resident.

Madbury Public Library New Building Project Update
November 30, 2015

On Friday, November 20, 2015, the Trustees of the Madbury Library joined with the Selectmen to sign the contract with Manypenny Murphy Architects for the schematic design phase of the new library building.  It is anticipated that this phase will be completed by mid to late January.

Members of the Building Steering Committee have been meeting regularly with Brian Murphy, Principal in Charge, and Emily Corbett, Project Manager, to begin the schematic design phase of the project. Survey work is being completed and the existing Building Program and RFP data have been reviewed and updated.
As we move forward, we will provide an opportunity for all residents to share their ideas and desires for the new library through surveys and a community meeting early in the new year.

The RFP and Building Program from our consultant can be reviewed at the library.

New Library Building Project Update
February 24, 2016

The Library Building Steering Committee has been meeting regularly with architects Brian Murphy and Emily Corbett on the preliminary design phase of the new library project.

On February 4th, a Community Forum was held at Town Hall to provide residents an opportunity to meet the architects, learn about the progress so far and have their questions and concerns discussed.  Brian Murphy explained that plans are in the early stages.  Survey work has been completed and they are excited about the designated site for the new library next to Town Hall and adjacent to the nature trails.  The goal is to design a 21st century library which will reflect our rural character, enhance our town center and provide opportunities to bring residents together.

Comments from those present ranged from the need for accessibility, computers, small and larger meeting room, private reading nooks, moveable walls, solar potential, bike racks and parking issues.  Residents were assured that all their comments would be carefully considered as we move forward with the preliminary design.  The Committee plans to hold more open meetings in the future.

Preliminary drawings will be on display at Town Meeting, March 8th and an updated progress report will be provided by the Capital Campaign Committee.