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Monday 10 - 8
Wednesday 10 - 8
Thursday 10 - 4
Saturday 10 - 2

Volunteer at the Library

Our library volunteers are our most valuable resource. Some tasks that volunteers have performed over the past year include:

  • Processing and covering new books
  • Shelving books and shelf reading
  • Working at our book sales
  • Organizing and cleaning the library
  • Updating our photo history albums
  • So much more!

If you are interested in helping out at the library, please call the Library Director at the library at 603-743-1400 or send an email to library@madburylibrary.org.

Volunteer of the Year Award recipients

  • Don Melvin is the 2012 Volunteer of the Year. Don was presented with his certificate by former Library Director Susan Morong at the recent Volunteer Breakfast.

  • Peggy Wolcott is the 2011 Volunteer of the Year

  • Lorraine Morong is our MPL 2010 Volunteer of the Year







  • Eric Fiegenbaum is the MPL 2009 Volunteer of the Year


Eric is congratulated by Trustees Edna O'Sullivan and Peggy Wolcott.
Eric has provided free IT advice and services for years.








Friends of Madbury Library

The Friends of Madbury Library meet the second Thursday of the month at 7pm. The Friends are a group of dedicated Madbury citizens who continue to help develop the concept of our town library. They support the library with their enthusiasm and fresh ideas, through volunteering, and through generous donations and fundraising.

The Friends of Madbury Library receive $5,000 Project Grant

Phase 1: The Friends of Madbury Public Library received an award of a $5,000 Project Grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation - Piscataqua Region. This grant was used to conduct an overall needs assessment and to help with future planning for the Madbury Public Library. The first phase of the project was completed in 2006. 

Phase 2: Library consultant Claudia Morner worked  with The Friends as they embarked on Phase II of the grant .  The Friends visited many libraries in small New Hampshire towns and held a couple of brainstorming sessions with our consultant.  The Library Program Plan is available at the library and on the web.  Please come to any of the Friends' meetings to learn more about plans for the Library.

The Friends of Madbury Library officers

Peggy Wolcott (President-2016), Vicky Myers  (Vice President-2014), Susan Cilia (Secretary-2014),  Joan Valentine (Treasurer-2016).  Board Members are Indulis Gleske (2015),  Nancy Rhodes (2016), Lorna Jacobsen (2014), and Janet Wall (2016).